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If we had to share with you the THREE main things that our loyal customers always say they LOVE about Mr. Electric when they need an Electrician in Hemel Hempstead then it would be these three things:


You might have to go a long way to top this, when it comes to calling a reliable electrician in Hemel Hempstead. We believe you’ll never need to call another electrician in Hemel Hempstead again now that you have found Mr. Electric Hemel Hempstead.

Jeff is head of our team of electricians in Hemel Hempstead. Jeff is a local lad and has been an electrican in the Hemel Hempstead area for over 10 years. He certainly knows his way around the area and has a team of 11 electricians underneath him.

Discover the 7 reasons why over 1000 customers a year choose Mr. Electric as their first choice electrician in Hemel Hempstead.

When you call us, we ALWAYS pick up, and we’ll get to you fast too!

Our local electrician in Hemel Hempstead is ACTUALLY based in Hemel Hempstead!

We come to you for FREE – No call out charge in Hemel Hempstead …EVER!

Let’s face it, charging call out charges for an electrician in Hemel Hempstead is just a big rip off! We only charge for the brilliant work that we do for you!

We are not just any old ‘electricians in Hemel Hempstead’ we are NICEIC Qualified Electricians in Hemel Hempstead.

For your peace of mind, you can rest easy knowing all our electricians in Hemel Hempstead will keep you safe and will always believe in a ‘Cowboy-free Zone’.

We offer you FIXED pricing in Hemel Hempstead …no nasty surprises or ‘hood-winking’

Trusting an electrician in Hemel Hempstead is critical…that’s why we are so upfront with you and give a fixed price quote, and then work until the job is done.

All work by your electrician in Hemel Hempstead is guaranteed for 12 months!

This ensures you have peace of mind should anything need adjusting in the future.

Contact your electricians in Hemel Hempstead now…’cos we never clock off!

Unlike other electricians in Hemel Hempstead we are on-call 24/7 and 365 days per year.

We help over 1,000 Happy Customers in Hemel Hempstead every year!

It’s fair to say we are well loved. Our Trustpilot link for independent 3rd party reviews is above…
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Our electricians in Hemel Hempstead can help you with, err…EVERYTHING actually.

It’s not uncommon for people to call us and ask ‘do we do this?’ or ‘do we do that?’ regarding electrical work inside and outside their lovely home. The answer is always this:

YES! If it’s anything to do with your home electrics our electrician in Hemel Hempstead can do it for you!

The most popular things we help people with are:

  • Emergency Electrician
  • Energy Saving / LED Lighting

…and much more.

  • PAT Testing
  • Electric Shower Fitting
  • Consumer Unit / Fuse Board
  • Electric Heating

Imagine a reliable and qualified reliable electrician in Hemel Hempstead being able to do almost anything else you can think of, that to do with your home or business electrics…you just imagined our Mr. Electric electrician in Hemel Hempstead.

“The electrician left my home in a complete mess!”
…said NONE of our customers…EVER!

Jeff and his team of highly qualified electricians really respect your home. In fact they will treat it like it was their own. As the leading Electrician in Hemel Hempstead Jeff and his team know that the most important things to you can often be the little things.
Every Mr. Electric electrician in Hemel Hempstead wears shoe-covers and always puts down our signature ‘Mr. Electric floor protecter’ too, so your home stays as it should be.

You never know when you are going to need an electrician in Hemel Hempstead however, when you do need an electrician in Hemel Hempstead we feel it’s important for you to feel like you are going to be cared for and looked after properly from the moment you call.

Jeff and his team of Electricians in Hemel Hempstead are always going the extra mile for you and because they grew up in Hemel Hempstead they’re likely be able to get to you quickly because they really know their way around town. They thrive on ensuring you feel like you’ve had nothing but the very best service before they leave you and will always ask if you are happy with the work.

Jeff’s team operate a 24/7 365 days a year service. They even work Christmas day if needed, just incase you require an electrician in Hemel Hempstead in a crisis.

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